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There are still numerous unused characters from community leaks and the background story of Genshin Impact that are yet to make their appearance in upcoming updates.

The Genshin Impact Character Roster is set to expand with the upcoming Fontaine cycle of updates. This new region will introduce a plethora of new characters to Genshin Impact, alongside fresh storylines. Version 4.0 is expected to bring not only new original characters but also several background characters who will finally join the playable roster.

In addition to the characters anticipated for Genshin Impact 4.0 updates, several other characters have surfaced through recent leaks, showcasing character design images and inspiring nicknames from the community. Among these leaked characters are Goth Girl, Lion Dance Boy, and Mummy Girl. While limited information is currently available about these characters, it is likely to change in the near future.

Genshin Impact Leaks unused character

Every Leaked Unused Character Expected to Release in Future Genshin Impact Updates

1. Alice, Rhinedottir, and Nicole: Alice, known as the mother of Klee, the Pyro Catalyst user, is expected to be a Pyro Catalyst user herself. She is also a member of the Hexenzirkel secret society. Details about Nicole and Rhinedottir are scarce, but they are speculated to be members of the Hexenzirkel and likely to wield Catalyst weapons.

2. Wriothesley: This character, also known as Risley, is likely to be either a Cryo or Pyro Polearm user. Fans familiar with HoYoverse’s Honkai: Star Rail have drawn comparisons between Wriothesley and the game’s Sampo Koski character, although many questions remain unanswered.

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3. Lyney and Lynette: These characters are expected to be released in the initial Fontaine region updates. Recent leaks suggest that Lyney will be a five-star Pyro Bow user, based on the signature weapon associated with the character. On the other hand, Lynette is anticipated to be a four-star Anemo Sword user.

4. Focalors: As the official deity of the region, Focalors (also known as Furina) is highly likely to be a five-star Hydro character. Speculation surrounding the Hydro Archon in Fontaine suggests that Focalors could be the first playable Hydro Claymore user in Genshin Impact, although this is not yet confirmed.

5. Freminet: This alleged four-star Cryo Claymore user is believed to be a diver from Fontaine who might serve as a guide for players exploring the region. Due to the character’s speculated significance in the story and exploration of Fontaine, it is expected to be released early in the Fontaine series of updates.

6. Charlotte: Unlike many upcoming leaked characters, Charlotte is an existing character who will soon be available to play. Expected to be a Cryo user, Charlotte’s similarities to Honkai: Star Rail’s Charlotte suggest that she will wield a Bow in Genshin Impact.

7. Chirori: Limited information is available about Chirori, although the character has been mentioned in existing content. Described as a fashion designer from the Fontaine region, Chirori is potentially a Pyro character, as per conversations and stories from Kirara, the Dendro Sword user.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release and details of these characters in Genshin Impact.

Sandrone, Arlecchino, and Il Dottore are members of the eleven Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. Sandrone, known as the Marionette, is a mysterious figure with limited information available. Specializing in animating ruin machines, Sandrone’s role within the Fatui remains enigmatic. Recent leaks suggest that both Arlecchino and Il Dottore will soon become playable characters, joining Sandrone in the roster. Arlecchino is expected to wield a Pyro Sword, while Il Dottore’s Element and choice of weapon are currently unknown.

Captain R is another character who has seen various leaked iterations online. It is highly likely that this character will be introduced during Genshin Impact’s Fontaine Region cycle. The different versions of Captain R make it difficult to determine their Element and weapon, but they are anticipated to be a five-star character.

Navia is an upcoming character with limited information available, primarily consisting of visual design. Despite appearing to possess a Hydro Vision, Navia’s actual Element is rumored to be Geo. Further leaks or information are necessary to unveil more details about this character.

Sertice is expected to be a four-star Pyro Sword user, as indicated by recent leaks showcasing the character’s file name and visual design. Although Sertice was one of the early Fontaine region leaks, many questions surrounding this character remain unanswered, including the accuracy of the leaks.

Dahlia, whose visual design has recently been leaked, is believed to be a Catalyst user from Mondstadt with a Hydro Vision. Her attire aligns with the style commonly seen among the Fontaine roster of characters, hinting at her background and connection to the region.

Varka, the Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, is currently occupied with an urgent expedition and has yet to meet the Traveler. However, the community expects Varka to make an appearance, possibly in the version 4.0 updates. While his playstyle remains unknown, players anticipate that Varka will excel in dealing physical damage.

Waghild shares a striking resemblance to Qiqi, the Cryo Sword user and nurse from Liyue. Consequently, it is speculated that Waghild will be a healer-type unused character. However, no official confirmation has been provided to substantiate these speculations.

Neuvillette’s character design has leaked from a trusted source, but most information about this character is currently speculative within the community. However, it is generally anticipated that Neuvillette will be a Hydro user with a close association with Focalors, the Hydro Archon.

Genshin Impact is currently available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version under development.