Aloy is a crossover character from the game Horizon Zero Dawn, and she was introduced to Genshin Impact as a playable character in version 2.1. She is a five-star character and hails from the Cryo (Ice) element.

Aloy is a skilled huntress and archer known for her agility, precision, and mastery of ranged combat. Her unique abilities in Genshin Impact revolve around her bow and arrow. Her Elemental Skill, Frozen Wilds, allows her to create an Ice Totem that deals Cryo damage to enemies. Her Elemental Burst, Prophecies of Dawn, summons an Energy Pulse that deals Cryo damage and creates an area that grants Aloy increased attack damage and converts her Normal and Charged Attacks to Cryo damage.

As a crossover character, Aloy has her own unique playstyle and abilities that make her stand out in the game. Players who are fans of Horizon Zero Dawn can enjoy using Aloy’s skills and weapons in the world of Teyvat. However, it’s important to note that Aloy is only available as a limited-time character during specific events or banners in Genshin Impact.

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Aloy: The Brave Huntress:

Aloy, the courageous huntress from Horizon Zero Dawn, arrives in the world of Genshin Impact as a playable character. Known for her archery skills, resourcefulness, and determination, Aloy has already won the hearts of many players in her original game. In Genshin Impact, she brings her unique talents to the battlefield, offering a fresh and exciting experience for both fans of Horizon Zero Dawn and Genshin Impact players alike.

Playstyle and Abilities:

As a five-star character, Aloy possesses exceptional combat capabilities that set her apart from other characters in Genshin Impact. Her playstyle revolves around ranged combat, precision, and strategic positioning. Aloy wields a bow and uses Cryo (Ice) elemental abilities to freeze her enemies and deal devastating damage.

Aloy’s Elemental Skill, Frozen Wilds, allows her to summon an Ice Totem that inflicts Cryo damage on enemies in its vicinity. This skill not only provides crowd control but also sets up opportunities for elemental reactions with other characters in the player’s party. Aloy’s Elemental Burst, Prophecies of Dawn, summons an Energy Pulse that deals Cryo damage to surrounding foes and creates an area that enhances Aloy’s attack damage. This burst of power turns her Normal and Charged Attacks into Cryo damage, allowing for devastating precision strikes.

Collaboration Impact:

The addition of Aloy to Genshin Impact has created a significant impact within the gaming community. The collaboration between miHoYo and Guerrilla Games, the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn, showcases the willingness of both studios to explore cross-platform collaborations and provide players with unique experiences.

Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn have eagerly embraced the opportunity to witness their beloved protagonist in a new environment. The seamless integration of Aloy’s character design, voice acting, and combat mechanics into the Genshin Impact universe has been praised by both Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the introduction of Aloy has sparked excitement among Genshin Impact players who were not familiar with Horizon Zero Dawn. Many players have taken this opportunity to explore Aloy’s original game and delve into her rich backstory. This collaboration serves as a gateway for players to discover other exceptional gaming experiences beyond Genshin Impact.

Community Reception and Feedback:

The inclusion of Aloy in Genshin Impact has generated a wave of positive feedback and enthusiasm within the gaming community. Players have praised the attention to detail in Aloy’s character model, animations, and combat abilities. The seamless transition of Aloy’s iconic weaponry and signature attire into the game demonstrates the commitment of both development teams to maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the character.

Furthermore, the collaboration has sparked discussions among players about potential future collaborations and crossover events in Genshin Impact. Speculations and wishlists have emerged, with players expressing their desire to see characters from other popular franchises making their way into the world of Teyvat.

Aloy Tier

Genshin Impact Aloy
Rarity Element Weapon
5 Star CryoCryo Bow
DPS Sub-DPS Support Healer
Age of Aloy Height of Aloy
19-20 Years 5’6″ / 168cm

How To Get Aloy?

Acquired through the act of logging in between versions 2.1 and 2.2 of Genshin Impact, players can obtain Aloy at no cost.

Strengths & Weakness Of Aloy

Strengths Weakness
– Enhances the entire team’s ATK (Attack) stat.
– Requires low energy for unleashing the powerful Elemental Burst.
– A cost-free character capable of fulfilling the roles of both DPS (Damage Per Second) and Sub-DPS (Sub Damage Per Second).
– Requires accumulation of Coil stacks to transform her Normal Attack from Physical to Cryo damage.
– Possesses a considerable cooldown duration for her Elemental Skill ability.
– Currently lacks any unlocked constellations.
– Exhibits relatively modest damage output and necessitates substantial investments for optimal performance.

How to get Aloy in Genshin Impact?

To acquire Aloy in Genshin Impact, players can obtain her for free by simply logging into the game during the version 2.1 ~ 2.2 update. By participating in the game during this specific period, players will receive Aloy as a complimentary reward. Logging in during the designated time frame ensures that Aloy will be added to your character roster without the need for additional purchases or summons. It’s an opportunity for players to enjoy playing as Aloy and explore her unique abilities and gameplay within the world of Genshin Impact.

To obtain Aloy in Genshin Impact, you can follow these steps:

1. Check for the Event Announcement: Keep an eye on official announcements, news, or social media channels related to Genshin Impact. Look for any announcements regarding the availability of Aloy.

2. Note the Event Duration: Take note of the specific event duration mentioned in the announcement. It will indicate the start and end dates of the event during which you can obtain Aloy.

3. Log in During the Event Period: Ensure that you log into Genshin Impact during the specified event period. It is important to log in within this timeframe to be eligible for receiving Aloy.

4. Claim Aloy from the In-Game Mail: Once you have logged into the game during the event period, check your in-game mail. You should find a message containing Aloy as a reward for participating in the event. Claim the reward from the mail to add Aloy to your character roster.

5. Activate Aloy in Your Party: After claiming Aloy, go to the character menu and select her to activate her in your party. Assign her to one of the available character slots and start utilizing her unique abilities and skills.

Remember, Aloy’s availability may be limited to specific event periods, so it is crucial to log in during the designated time to obtain her for free. Keep an eye on official announcements and stay updated to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to add Aloy to your Genshin Impact adventure.

Genshin Impact 3.7 Aloy Skills/Talents

Normal Attack: Rapid Fire

Normal Attack

Unleashes a flurry of up to four consecutive bow shots, swiftly striking enemies with precision.

Charged Attack

Executes a focused Aimed Shot that inflicts greater damage. As you aim, frost gradually gathers on the arrowhead. Releasing a fully charged frost arrow inflicts Cryo damage upon impact.

Plunging Attack

Launches a cascade of arrows while airborne, descending to the ground and delivering a powerful AoE (Area of Effect) strike that damages multiple foes upon landing.

Elemental Skill: Frozen Wilds

Aloy hurls a Freeze Bomb towards the designated direction, causing a Cryo-infused explosion that deals Cryo damage. Upon detonation, the Freeze Bomb fragments into numerous Chillwater Bomblets, which explode upon contact with opponents or after a brief delay, inflicting Cryo damage.

When a Freeze Bomb or Chillwater Bomblet strikes an opponent, it diminishes the opponent’s ATK (Attack) and grants Aloy 1 Coil stack. Aloy can accumulate up to 1 Coil stack every 0.1 seconds.


Each stack augments the power of Aloy’s Normal Attacks, amplifying their damage output. Once Aloy accumulates 4 Coil stacks, all existing stacks are cleared, enabling her to enter the Rushing Ice state. In this state, Aloy’s Normal Attacks deal even greater damage, and their damage type converts to Cryo, infusing her strikes with the element of ice.

Elemental Burst: Prophecies of Dawn

Aloy propels a Cryo-charged Power Cell towards the designated direction and subsequently triggers its detonation using an arrow, creating an expansive area-of-effect (AoE) cryogenic explosion that inflicts Cryo damage upon impact.

Genshin Impact Aloy Passives

Ascension 1: Combat Override

When Aloy is bestowed with the Coil effect derived from the Frozen Wilds, her ATK (Attack) receives a substantial 16% boost. Additionally, the ATK of nearby party members is augmented by 8%. This empowering effect remains active for a duration of 10 seconds.

Ascension 4: Strong Strike

While Aloy resides within the Rushing Ice state granted by Frozen Wilds, her Cryo DMG Bonus progressively escalates by 3.5% every second. Over time, this accumulation can reach a maximum Cryo DMG Bonus augmentation of 35%.

Passive: Easy Does It

With Aloy present in the party, animals that yield Fowl, Raw Meat, or Chilled Meat remain undisturbed and unstartled when approached by party members. This allows for a more tranquil and undisturbed interaction with these creatures.

Aloy Ascension Costs Rank 1-6

Lvl Cost Material Material Material Material
20 20000
Shivada Jade Sliver1

Shivada Jade Sliver

Crystal Marrow3

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Husk3

Spectral Husk

40 40000
Shivada Jade Fragment3

Shivada Jade Fragment

Crystalline Bloom2

Crystalline Bloom

Crystal Marrow10

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Husk15

Spectral Husk

50 60000
Shivada Jade Fragment6

Shivada Jade Fragment

Crystalline Bloom4

Crystalline Bloom

Crystal Marrow20

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Heart12

Spectral Heart

60 80000
Shivada Jade Chunk3

Shivada Jade Chunk

Crystalline Bloom8

Crystalline Bloom

Crystal Marrow30

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Heart18

Spectral Heart

70 100000
Shivada Jade Chunk6

Shivada Jade Chunk

Crystalline Bloom12

Crystalline Bloom

Crystal Marrow45

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Nucleus12

Spectral Nucleus

80 120000
Shivada Jade Gemstone6

Shivada Jade Gemstone

Crystalline Bloom20

Crystalline Bloom

Crystal Marrow60

Crystal Marrow

Spectral Nucleus24

Spectral Nucleus


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Aloy in Genshin Impact:

What is Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy is a character from the popular video game Horizon Zero Dawn, and she made a crossover appearance in Genshin Impact as a playable character. In Genshin Impact, Aloy is a 5-star character who wields a bow and excels in long-range combat.

How to Get Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Acquired through the act of logging in between versions 2.1 and 2.2 of Genshin Impact, players can obtain Aloy at no cost.

What is the age of Aloy in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Aloy's age is 19 years old.

What is the height of Aloy in Genshin Impact?

The height of Aloy in Genshin Impact is about 5’6″ / 168cm.

How can I obtain Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy can be obtained for free by participating in specific events or promotional periods in Genshin Impact. Make sure to log in during the designated event period to claim her as a reward.

Is Aloy a 5-star character in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Aloy is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact, which places her among the highest rarity tier of characters in the game.

What weapon does Aloy use in Genshin Impact?

Aloy wields a bow as her primary weapon in Genshin Impact. She is a ranged character and excels in long-range combat.

What element does Aloy have in Genshin Impact?

Aloy possesses the Cryo (ice) element in Genshin Impact. Her abilities and attacks are focused on dealing Cryo damage to enemies.

Can Aloy fit into any team composition?

Yes, Aloy can fit into various team compositions in Genshin Impact. Her versatility allows her to complement different playstyles and synergize well with other characters, providing utility and damage support.

Is Aloy a limited-time character in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Aloy is a limited-time character in Genshin Impact. She is typically made available through special events or collaborations and may not be permanently obtainable in the game.

Can Aloy be obtained on all platforms that support Genshin Impact?

Yes, Aloy can be obtained on all platforms that support Genshin Impact, including PC, PlayStation, and mobile devices.

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