Faruzan is a Anemo character in a game called Genshin Impact. In a new 3.6 update of Genshin impact, you can get her for free by playing a special event. She helps other characters do more damage and is especially good with Xiao, Wanderer (Scaramouche), and Heizou. If you want to make her stronger, you can learn more about her special abilities.

Faruzan Tier

Genshin Impact Faruzan
Rarity Element Weapon
4 Star


DPS Sub-DPS Support Healer
Age Height
Young 18-21 5’2″ / 158cm

How To Get Faruzan?

Obtained Through Wishes

Strengths & Weakness Of Faruzan

Strengths Weakness
Rare Anemo Resistance Shred in her set of skills.

Hit ATK harder and control a group a little bit.

Increase amount of Anemo DMG.

Takes a lot of energy to use Elemental Burst.

Needs a lot of stars to work well.

Having stronger attacks doesn’t really make her a better helper.

How to get Faruzan in Genshin Impact 3.6:

In the game Genshin Impact, there will be a new event called “A Parade of Providence” in an upcoming 3.6 update. You’ll have to play different games and complete tasks to earn special coins for the event. When you have enough of these coins, you’ll be able to unlock a new character named Faruzan. However, you might not be able to get her right away because the event is released in stages. You’ll have to wait until the end of the event to get Faruzan for free.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Faruzan Skills/Talents

Normal Attack: Parthian Shot

Normal Attack

Shoot the bow up to 4 times in a row.

Charged Attack

This skill allows you to shoot a really strong arrow that does a lot of damage. When you aim, you gather powerful winds on the arrow. If you wait until the winds are fully charged, the arrow will do even more damage with the element of wind.

Plunging Attack

Shoots a bunch of arrows while in the air and then falls down, hitting enemies and causing damage when they hit the ground.

Elemental Skill: Wind Realm of Nasamjnin

Faruzan uses a shape that hurts all the bad guys around her with wind power. She also becomes very strong in the wind. Faruzan has a special power called Manifest Gale, which makes her next arrow really strong. It’s called a Hurricane Arrow and it hurts the bad guys a lot. It’s like when she shoots a really good shot normally, but even stronger.

Pressurized Collapse

The Hurricane Arrow is a special attack that causes a big wind that can hurt enemies and pull things towards it. If it hits an enemy, they will feel the wind pushing them down for a little bit, then there will be a big wind that can hurt other enemies nearby. If it doesn’t hit anyone, it will still make a big wind at the spot where it landed.

The vortex DMG is a type of power that considered Elemental Skill DMG.

  • Duration: For 18 seconds
  • Cooldown: For 6 seconds

Elemental Burst: The Wind’s Secret Ways

Faruzan uses a magical shape called a Dazzling Polyhedron that creates a big gust of wind and hurts all the bad guys around them with a special power called Anemo. The Dazzling Polyhedron will keep moving in a triangle and when it reaches each corner, it will make another Whirlwind Pulse.

Whirlwind Pulse

  • When the Whirlwind Pulse happens, it will make nearby enemies weaker to wind attacks and decreasing their Anemo RES.
  • When the Whirlwind Pulse is used, it will help all nearby friends by giving them a special power of Anemo DMG Bonus that makes their wind attacks stronger.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Passives

Ascension 1: Impetuous Flow

When Faruzan is in a special place made by the wind land called Nasamjnin, it helps her shoot faster and do a special move called Perfidious Wind’s Bale when she hits someone with a big wind vortex.

Ascension 4: Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns

When certain characters use wind attacks, they become protected by a special shield called Hurricane Guard. Faruzan will do more damage because of something called DMG, and it will go up by 32% of their strength. They can use something called Hurricane Guard every 0.8 seconds to make this even better. But, the extra damage will only last for a little while, or until they use it once.

Passive: Tomes Light the Path

If someone goes on a trip to a place called Sumeru for 20 hours, they will get more rewards than usual – 25% more!

Genshin Impact Faruzan Constellations

C1: Truth by Any Means

Faruzan can shoot 2 really strong arrows called Hurricane Arrows when she’s feeling the power of the Wind Realm of Nasamjnin and has charged up her shots.

C2: Overzealous Intellect

The special shape Dazzling Polyhedron made by the wind will stay around for 6 seconds longer than before.

C3: Spirit-Orchard Stroll

  • This makes the power of wind in Nasamjnin’s world stronger by 3 levels!
  • The highest level you can upgrade to is 15.

C4: Divine Comprehension

When Faruzan uses a special move called Pressurized Collapses, it creates a spinning force that helps restore his energy. If he hits one opponent with it, he’ll get 2 energy back. But if he hits more than one opponent, he’ll get even more energy back for each additional opponent he hits.

She can only get up to 4 Energy back at a time from each vortex.

C5: Wonderland of Rumination

  • It makes the wind stronger by 3 levels.
  • The highest level you can upgrade to is 15.

C6: The Wondrous Path of Truth

When characters use a special power called “Prayerful Wind’s Benefit” they become stronger when they use a certain kind of magic called “Anemo”. This makes their attacks do more damage. Also, when they attack, they can make the bad guys feel a lot of pressure.

You can use this special thing once every 3 seconds. Everyone in your group has to wait for their turn to use it again.


Faruzan Ascension Costs Rank 1-6

Lvl Cost Material Material Material Material
20 20000
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver

1-Vayuda Turquoise Sliver

Henna Berry3-Henna Berry
Faded Red Satin

3-Faded Red Satin

40 40000
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

3-Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

Light Guiding Tetrahedron2-Light Guiding Tetrahedron
Henna Berry10-Henna Berry
Faded Red Satin

15-Faded Red Satin

50 60000
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

6-Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

Light Guiding Tetrahedron4-Light Guiding Tetrahedron Henna Berry20-Henna Berry
Trimmed Red Silk12-Trimmed Red Silk
60 80000
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

3-Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

Light Guiding Tetrahedron8-Light Guiding Tetrahedron Henna Berry30-Henna Berry Trimmed Red Silk18-Trimmed Red Silk
70 100000
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

6-Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

Light Guiding Tetrahedron12-Light Guiding Tetrahedron Henna Berry45-Henna Berry
Rich Red Brocade12-Rich Red Brocade
80 120000
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

6-Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

Light Guiding Tetrahedron20-Light Guiding Tetrahedron Henna Berry60-Henna Berry Rich Red Brocade24-Rich Red Brocade


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