4.0 Character Banners

Leaked Genshin Impact 4.0 Character Banners: Unveiling Phase 1 & 2 Banners

Numerous leaks surrounding Genshin Impact 4.0 have surfaced, resulting in the exciting revelation of character banners and the lineup of heroes for both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

A recent leak has emerged regarding Genshin Impact 4.0, shedding light on the character banners expected in the upcoming update. Players can now anticipate the featured 5-star characters in both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Version 4.0, which follows the 3.8 update, marks the commencement of Genshin Impact’s third year of content and introduces a fresh Archon storyline situated in the long-awaited region of Fontaine. By late August, players should have the opportunity to explore the eagerly anticipated Nation of Justice.

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Version 4.0 brings not only an expanded map and captivating story missions but also a host of new characters. These heroes will gradually become playable as the game receives subsequent updates. Various leaks regarding Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine have already surfaced, including detailed information on the Hydro version of the Traveler’s gameplay kit. Adding to the excitement, a new leak indicates that all the 5-star heroes featured in the character banners for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Version 4.0 are now known.

Lyney Will Be Accompanied By Fan-Favorite Heroes In Genshin Impact 4.0 Banners

In the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.0 character banners, players can anticipate the inclusion of popular 5-star heroes, along with the introduction of a new character from Fontaine named Lyney. A recent leak shared by HutaoLover77 on Twitter, referencing Uncle YC’s information on Version 4.0, suggests that Lyney and Yelan will be the featured 5-star heroes in Phase 1 banners, while Tartaglia (Childe) and Zhongli will take the spotlight as the 5-star characters in the Phase 2 banners. Lyney has been confirmed as the primary new character in the Genshin Impact 4.0 banners. Notably, he will be accompanied by his 4-star siblings, Lynette and Freminet, marking the debut of Fontaine heroes in the game.

Why The Genshin Impact 4.0 Character Banners Are Great

If the leaked information holds true, the character lineup in the Genshin Impact 4.0 banners presents an exciting prospect for players. Although Lyney’s gameplay details have yet to be officially disclosed, his Pyro Bow combination and rumored DPS role in a team composition appear to offer a viable alternative to Yoimiya. Yelan, recognized as one of the game’s top-tier characters, brings Hydro sub-DPS capabilities to the field, making her a valuable complement to a team featuring Lyney or any other character, as her versatile kit proves beneficial for most setups. Consequently, the Phase 1 banners in Version 4.0 become a compelling incentive for players to utilize their Wishes.

The leaked Phase 2 character banners in Genshin Impact 4.0 also introduce remarkable characters that allow players to diversify their roster. Tartaglia, renowned as one of the strongest Hydro DPS characters, boasts a unique gameplay kit. The leaked cutscenes in Fontaine, shared by HutaoLover77 on Twitter, further strengthen the likelihood of Tartaglia’s appearance in Version 4.0, potentially making him a prominent figure in the upcoming update’s storyline and increasing the chances of him being featured in the character banners.

Additionally, the inclusion of Zhongli as a 5-star character in the leaked Phase 2 banners for Genshin Impact 4.0 holds great promise. As the Geo Archon of Liyue, Zhongli stands as the game’s premier shielder, and his addition as a support character brings a well-rounded dynamic to the lineup, balancing out the focus on the previously mentioned DPS characters. While Zhongli can also be built as a DPS, the choice ultimately lies with the player. Notably, Zhongli’s last banner reroll took place in September 2022, making his appearance as an option a year later a strategic move and lending credibility to the leaked information, as banner rerolls typically occur within shorter intervals.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Character Banners & Phase Order Are Still Subject To Change

It is crucial to acknowledge that, like most leaks, the information regarding the Genshin Impact 4.0 character banners is highly subject to change. The leaked details shared thus far may prove inaccurate, and developer HoYoverse has the potential to alter the selection of 5-star characters before the version’s release. HutaoLover77 mentioned on Twitter, in response to their initial tweet about the Phase 1 and Phase 2 characters, that the order could be incorrect according to the leaker Uncle YC. This implies that Tartaglia might end up appearing in Phase 1 while Yelan is pushed back to Phase 2, for example. However, it is unlikely that Lyney, being the only character confirmed, will undergo any changes.

As the inaugural 5-star character from Fontaine, Lyney will most likely be featured in the Phase 1 banners of Genshin Impact 4.0. Typically, new regional characters are introduced in the first phase following the region’s unveiling, and this trend will likely continue with Fontaine. Releasing a Fontaine character alongside the region itself serves as an effective way to promote the entire content of the update, from the map expansion to the story. Genshin Impact has faced criticism for its slower pace in recent months due to a lack of substantial Archon missions. Therefore, the introduction of a new 5-star character within a new region and quests in Version 4.0 is expected to reinvigorate the game’s activity.

The other leaks pertaining to Genshin Impact 4.0’s character banners suggest that HoYoverse intends to stagger the release of new Fontaine characters across multiple updates, rather than unveiling the majority of them immediately. This approach appears to be aimed at extending the lifespan of the game’s third year of content. Additionally, the developer seems to prioritize banner reruns featuring highly popular characters, ensuring significant financial success and mitigating uncertainty regarding the performance of new characters like Lyney. It is worth noting that 5-star characters are not the sole source of revenue, considering that 4-star heroes have been made available for free on various occasions.

The Genshin Impact 4.0 character banners will also introduce Lyney’s siblings, Lynette and Freminet, as new Fontaine characters. While they will be 4-star characters, their novelty may entice players to use their Wishes. The distribution of these characters across Phase 1 and Phase 2 banners remains uncertain, but it is likely that Lynette will accompany Lyney in Phase 1 since she serves as the magician’s assistant. This suggests that she will also appear in the banner of the other Phase 1 5-star character.

Regarding Freminet, there is an equal chance of him being included in either Phase 1 or Phase 2 banners in Genshin Impact 4.0. Currently, there have been no leaks indicating the order of his debut. The other 4-star characters remain a mystery at this point. While it is important to approach the Genshin Impact 4.0 leaks with skepticism, the number of accurate leaks thus far indicates a promising future for the game as the Traveler embarks on an adventure across the Fontaine region.