Mika is a Cryo Polearm user introduced in Genshin Impact version 4.3. Explore optimal builds, teams, weapons, skills, tier rankings, kit details, required materials, and recommended team compositions for her best performance and build!

Mika is a 4-star Cryo Polearm character in Genshin Impact. His primary role is to offer buffs to the active character and provide a modest amount of healing.

Mika Schmidt is a Cryo character you can play as in Genshin Impact. He serves as the front-line surveyor for the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, led by Eula Huffman, and is Eula’s younger brother. Mika diligently carries out his duties, aspiring to become a skilled cartographer in the future. Despite his initial shyness, especially around others, he gradually opens up to those he is close to. Mika highly values teamwork and seeks to learn from his colleagues.

Mika’s dedication to his responsibilities and his dream of becoming an expert cartographer drive him to work efficiently within the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company. Despite his reserved nature, he proves to be a reliable and steadfast companion to those around him.

As he collaborates with his colleagues, Mika not only values teamwork but actively seeks opportunities for learning and growth. His journey within the Knights of Favonius reflects his determination to contribute meaningfully to the world of Teyvat while forging bonds with those who share his aspirations.

Mika’s gradual warming up to others showcases the importance of camaraderie within the Knights of Favonius, and his story unfolds as he navigates the challenges of both personal and professional development in the pursuit of his dreams.

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Overall, Mika is a versatile and powerful character in Genshin Impact, valued for her crowd control, elemental reactions, and long-range archery skills. Her unique abilities and elegant design have made her a beloved character among players.

Mika Schmidt Tier

genshin impact Mika
Rarity Element Weapon
4 Star CryoCryo Polearm
DPS Sub-DPS Support Healer
Age of Mika Height of Mika
Over 30 Years Old 5’6″ / 168cm

How To Get Mika?

Mika can only be obtained during special events when she is featured in limited-time Wish banners.

Strengths & Weakness Of Mika

Strengths Weakness
• Efficient Elemental Particle Generation.
• Excellent Physical DPS enhancement.
• Offers party-wide burst healing and sustained single-target healing for the active character.
• Elevated Elemental Burst energy consumption.
• Lengthy cooldown for the Elemental Skill.
• Consideration of unlocking specific constellations (C1 or C6) may be necessary for optimal build viability.

How to get Mika in Genshin Impact?

To obtain Mika in Genshin Impact, you will need to wait for her to be featured in a limited-time banner. Limited-time banners are special events in the game where specific characters are highlighted and have an increased drop rate. Here are the general steps to get Mika:

1. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements: Genshin Impact regularly announces upcoming banners and events. Pay attention to the game’s official channels, social media, or in-game notifications to stay informed about Mika’s availability.

2. Save Primogems: Primogems are the premium currency in Genshin Impact, and they can be used to purchase Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate, which are used for wishing on banners. Start saving Primogems well in advance to have a good chance of obtaining Mika when her banner becomes available.

3. Wait for Mika’s banner: Limited-time banners rotate periodically, so you will need to wait for Mika’s banner to be active. Banners typically run for a few weeks, during which you will have an increased chance of obtaining Mika.

4. Use Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate: Once Mika’s banner is live, you can use the Intertwined Fate (if the banner is a character event banner) or Acquaint Fate (if the banner is a standard banner) to make wishes and try to obtain her. Wishing will consume the corresponding fate and has a chance to give you Mika or other items.

5. Keep wishing until you get Mika: The process of obtaining specific characters through wishes is based on chance, so you may need to make multiple wishes before obtaining Mika. It’s important to manage your resources and make decisions based on your priorities and preferences.

Remember that Mika’s availability is subject to the game’s updates and events, so stay updated with the latest information provided by the game’s developers.

Best Mika Teams

Eula Superconduct

Genshin Impact EulaGenshin Impact Fischlgenshin impact Rosariagenshin impact Mika

Wanderer Standard

Genshin Impact WandererGenshin Impact FaruzanGenshin Impact Bennettgenshin impact Mika


Genshin Impact Mika Schmidt Skills/Talents

Normal Attack: Spear of Favonius – Arrow’s Passage

Normal Attack

Executes up to 5 consecutive strikes using his crossbow and spear.

Charged Attack

Utilizes a specific amount of Stamina to thrust forward, inflicting damage to opponents in the path.

Plunging Attack

Descends from mid-air to hit the ground beneath, causing damage to opponents along the trajectory and dealing Area of Effect (AoE) damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Starfrost Swirl

Mika utilizes his crossbow to launch an attack, granting Soulwind to all nearby characters in your party. When characters are in the Soulwind state while on the field, their Attack Speed (ATK SPD) receives a boost. The effect varies when Tapped or Held.

Tap: Fires a Flowfrost Arrow capable of penetrating through opponents, inflicting Cryo damage upon contact with enemies.

Hold: Enters Aiming Mode, targeting an opponent and releasing a Rimestar Flare, dealing Cryo damage. Upon hitting, the Rimestar Flare ascends before detonating, propelling Rimestar Shards toward a maximum of 3 additional opponents, causing Cryo damage.

Elemental Burst: Skyfeather Song

Mika draws upon the knightly order’s prayers to inspire his teammates, restoring HP for all nearby party members. The healing is proportional to Mika’s Max HP and bestows upon them the Eagleplume state.

Eagleplume: When the Normal Attacks of characters under the influence of Eagleplume connect with an opponent, Mika aids in their HP regeneration based on his Max HP. Characters under this effect can only recover HP in this manner once within a brief time interval.

Genshin Impact Mika Passives

Ascension 1: Suppressive Barrage

Under specific conditions, the Soulwind state induced by Starfrost Swirl bestows characters with the Detector effect, augmenting their Physical Damage (DMG) by 10% when they are actively on the field. If the Flowfrost Arrow strikes multiple opponents, each additional hit generates 1 Detector stack. Similarly, when a Rimestar Shard lands a hit on an opponent, it generates 1 Detector stack, with each Rimestar Shard capable of triggering the effect once.

The Soulwind state can accumulate a maximum of 3 Detector stacks. If Starfrost Swirl is cast again during this duration, the existing Soulwind state and all associated Detector stacks will be cleared.

Ascension 4: Topographical Mapping

When a currently active character, influenced simultaneously by both Eagleplume from Skyfeather Song and Soulwind from Starfrost Swirl, achieves a critical hit with their attacks, Soulwind will provide them with 1 Detector stack from Suppressive Barrage. Within a single occurrence of Soulwind, this method allows for gaining 1 Detector stack. Furthermore, the maximum number of stacks attainable through Soulwind alone is increased by 1. Note that unlocking Suppressive Barrage is a prerequisite for this effect.

Passive: Demarcation

Shows the whereabouts of Mondstadt-specific resources on the mini-map.

Genshin Impact Mika Constellations

C1: Factor Confluence

The Soulwind condition triggered by Starfrost Swirl has the ability to reduce the healing interval between occurrences influenced by Skyfeather Song’s Eagleplume state. The reduction percentage corresponds to the Attack Speed (ATK SPD) increase granted by Soulwind.

C2: Companion’s Ingress

Upon the initial impact of Starfrost Swirl’s Flowfrost Arrow with an opponent, or when its Rimestar Flare strikes an opponent, 1 Detector stack will be produced through the Passive Talent “Suppressive Barrage.” It is essential to unlock the Passive Talent “Suppressive Barrage” beforehand to activate this effect.

C3: Reconnaissance Experience

Elevates the level of Skyfeather Song by 3, with the maximum upgrade level reaching 15.

C4: Sunfrost Encomium

When Mika’s personal Skyfeather Song triggers healing through the Eagleplume state for party members, it replenishes 3 Energy for Mika. This particular Energy restoration can take place up to 5 times within the Eagleplume state generated by a single use of Skyfeather Song.

C5: Signal Arrow

  • Elevate the level of Starfrost Swirl by 3, enhancing its effectiveness.
  • The maximum upgrade level for this ability is 15.

C6: Companion’s Counsel

The maximum number of Detector stacks that can be accumulated by Starfrost Swirl’s Soulwind increases by 1. Unlocking the Passive Talent “Suppressive Barrage” is a prerequisite for this enhancement. Furthermore, characters actively affected by Soulwind will inflict an additional 60% Physical CRIT DMG.

Mika Ascension Costs Rank 1-6

Lvl Cost Material Material Material Material
20 20000
Shivada Jade Sliver1

Shivada Jade Sliver



Recruit's Insignia3

Recruit’s Insignia

40 40000
Shivada Jade Fragment3

Shivada Jade Fragment





Recruit's Insignia15

Recruit’s Insignia

50 60000
Shivada Jade Fragment6

Shivada Jade Fragment





Sergeant's Insignia12

Sergeant’s Insignia

60 80000
Shivada Jade Chunk3

Shivada Jade Chunk





Sergeant's Insignia18

Sergeant’s Insignia

70 100000
Shivada Jade Chunk6

Shivada Jade Chunk





Lieutenant's Insignia12

Lieutenant’s Insignia

80 120000
Shivada Jade Gemstone6

Shivada Jade Gemstone





Lieutenant's Insignia24

Lieutenant’s Insignia


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Mika in Genshin Impact:

How can I obtain Mika Genshin Impact?

Mika can be obtained through limited-time event banners in Genshin Impact. Players need to wait for her banner to be featured and then use Primogems or Fate to make wishes and try to obtain her.

What is the Age of Mika In Genshin Impact?

The age of Mika in Genshin Impact is Over 30 Years Old as Young Man.

What is the Height of Mika In Genshin Impact?

The Height of Mika in Genshin Impact is about 5’6″ / 168cm.

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